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2017-2018 TMHS School Registration

TMHS registration is happening now. Click on the button for registration forms, information on BYOT, supply lists, athletic forms and more.

E-mail Sharon Broady or call 970-728-4377 to make an appointment
For TIS (Grades 3-6), contact Shelley Schuler
For TES (Grades K-2), contact Judy Regrut


Three Telluride School Board Director positions will be voted on in the Nov. 7, 2017 coordinated election, two carrying a 4-year term. One carrying a 2-yr term.

Nomination petitions will be available at the Telluride School District R-1 Office, 725 West Colorado Ave., Telluride, CO., beginning August 9, 2017 between 9:00AM-4:00PM.

NOTE:  For Additional Information the Colorado Association of School Boards (www.casb.org) is pleased to provide information to assist school board candidates in this year’s election on November 7, 2017. Candidates can also contact the Colorado Secretary of State at http://www.sos.state.co.us/

Congratulations Class of 2017!



Carson BHow can I learn if school is closed or about other regional emergencies when I can't check the internet?

It is a rare event when Telluride School District closes down for snow or any emergency.  While we do everything possible to immediately update the website, and we send out emails and post to Telluride Sweet Deals, there are people who may not have email or cell phone access to check the internet during power outages, etc. We encourage our parents and students to sign up for San Miguel County Notification System-Code Red.  This system can send text alerts, emails, and voice call any numbers or emails you put in the system.  Not only will it alert you to school closings, but also road closures, weather related events, etc.  We  STRONGLY encourage everyone to sign up for this notification system at http://www.sanmiguelcounty.org/.  Click on the link marked Code Red and follow the instructions.  It is fast, easy and will keep you informed with multiple communication methods in a variety of circumstances.  Sign up and stay informed.