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Add Money to Your Child's Lunch Account through the Net!
 It is now easier and more convenient to add to your kiddo's lunch account.  There are three steps.

1.  Call your student administrative assistant and ask for your child's lunch ID number.

     Telluride Elementary School  - Judy  369-8908
     Telluride Intermediate School - Shelley  369-5662
     Telluride Middle & High School - Kim 728-4377

2. Simply follow this link: www.myschoolaccount.com and set up your user account and password.

3.  My School Account will email a confirmation number to your email address which you will enter at the web site.

Now that the account is confirmed you can use this portal to add funds, review purchase and manage how funds are allocated between Lunch or ala Carte purchases.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at 369-1218.

Thank you for your participation.
Kurt Shugars.

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