Enrichment / Advanced Learner Program
 Telluride Program for Advanced Learners

1. District process for identifying advanced learners

2. Enrichment services at K--6 and  7--12

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 Identification Process

The following process will be adhered to for all students counted
for CDE's Gifted/Talented designation:

  • The District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) will complete a list of all advanced students on PARCC and/or NWEA MAP, ASPIRE and FAST testing, and provided lists to grade level PLC teams for review.      At the kindergarten through third grade levels, PLC leaders will use the body of evidence to generate a list of students for consideration for identification.
  •  PLC Teams will consider each student on the list and discuss the need for individual enrichment. Team members will also nominate other students for consideration based on observation and other innovations.
  • PLC Teams will fill out the Advance Learner Matrix for any student being considered for the enrichment program.  This will include the Building Enrichment Teacher providing "tasks" for the student to complete as part of the body of evidence.
  •  If the team agrees that the student qualifies based on academic performance and standardized test scores, the PLC leader and/or enrichment teacher will meet with the principal.
  • The principal, enrichment teachers and PLC leader approve the student for identification, or ask for additional information to make the decision based on the information provided in the Matrix.
  •  The enrichment teacher will meet with the parent and student to get their approval for placement and input on an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP).
  •  The PLC team will review, revise, and approve the written Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) Plan, which is copied to parent, student and principal.
  •  Each principal will compile a list of all students in their school who are on ALPs prior to the October 1 count day and submit the list to the district registrar.


Enrichment Services:

At grades K-6, students are offered specific enrichment classes.

At grades 7-12, Enrichment Opportunities are provided as follows:

  • Students are supported by teacher teams as opposed to being pulled out as is done in grades K-6. 
  • In mathematics, students are placed in appropriate classes according to achievement level in prerequisite classes.
  • In language arts, students are offered the opportunity for extended or deeper study of a particular topic, as deemed appropriate by the teacher and the student's interests. These extensions are accomplished within the classroom setting, or can be within the library setting, or with outside expert mentors, as available.
  • Eighth graders who prefer to study another language may choose to take an online class.
  • Students are encouraged to work with the librarian on research projects of personal interest, and as always,  to read and discuss books they select themselves, or to participate in book groups.
  • At the High School level, students may choose AP classes in English, US History, Mathematics, and Science.  Other subject for advanced study are available online.

Building Leaders for Enrichment

K – 3         Kate Alagna

4 – 6          Chad Terry

7 – 12        Jennifer Hubbard


 Gifted and Talented Parent Resources - PDF Documents