Green Folder-Community/District Flyers
Telluride School District R-1 has made a commitment to "go green" as an example of environmental responsibility. This page is home to school and community flyers, and community news.

The display of community flyers is provided as a service for non-profit organizations. Telluride School District R-1 neither endorses nor sponsors the organizations or activities represented in the following materials unless specifically noted as a TSD organization or activity.

School Flyers /School Athletics

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Community Flyers and Events

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Programas Despue de La Escuela-Ah Haa

KIDS COOK - Mondays at WIlkinson-3:30PM Grades 2-5
PAWS for Reading-Grades K-5th- See Flyer-Sign up
 MATH Help-FREE-EVERY TUESDAY at 3:30-grades K-10-refer to flyer
Pinhead Fall Classes - Refer to flyer for Ages-dates-times
Telluride Academy-Mudd Butts International-Spring  2017 Trip- For Ages 13-15
K-12 Grades - Regis University 2017 Summer Reading Skills Program
 Telluride Academy After School -Winter Sessions 2017
 Pinhead Winter Classes -2017
 Telluride Lacrosse-Early Registration-Jan. 26th at 5:00PM - refer to flyer
 Telluride Choral Society-Spring Sing-Grades 2-12   Registration Info
 Basketball-Skills, Drills Game Play- Grades 3-5 - refer to flyer for dates and time
Kids Winter Classes and Workshops-Ages 5+ at Ah Haa - Refer to Flyer
 Spy Science-February 17th at Wilkinson
 Cyber Clubhouse - 2:15 Every Tuesday t Wilkinson
 Pinhead Winter Session 2017