Links to various articles and websites
Links to various articles and websites (BOE home page)

These links connect to various articles, videos and websites that have been shared by administrators, board members, and teachers that board members are reading and discussing at work sessions and board meetings.  The related articles and websites do not necessarily reflect the views, beliefs or philosophies of Telluride School District, the Telluride School Board, or the administration, however they provide opportunities to share common beliefs, divergent thinking, and visioning for the future on topics relevant to education, brain research, child development, 21st Century Skills, etc.  We encourage you to read these articles, visit the webistes, and attend various events in your child's school or at the district level to learn more about these and many more topics. 

Links to articles and websites
*Confessions of a New National Board Teacher (teacher effectiveness)

•Brightest Stalls, low achievers gain WSJ (gifted/learning) - My Teacher Is an App*(technology/learning)

*Tennessee's "Race to the Top" (Teacher Effectiveness)

*Bill and Melinda Gates on Teacher effectiveness (teaching)

*ELL and elementary children. Dr. Reeves (ELL)

*Chapter 1 Spark by John Ratey (wellness)

*Online School Access from WSJ (parenting)

*How to land your kids in therapy (parenting)

*Predicting success in football and teaching (teaching)

*(NY Times article on Software effectiveness in schools (technology/teaching)

Links to videos and podcasts

*Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford

*Changing Education Paradigms