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Behavioral Health Department Overview

Behavioral Health

At Telluride School District, we believe in fostering the whole student, which includes supporting their academic, social, and emotional development. Our team of experienced counselors, school psychologists, and social workers provides comprehensive support tailored to each student's needs. 


Our school counselors work with students, families, and staff to promote success in and outside the classroom. They provide: 

  • Academic Guidance: Course selection, study strategies, college/career planning. 

  • Emotional Support: Individual and group counseling for personal challenges and growth. 

  • Conflict Resolution: Helping students navigate interpersonal conflicts and build social skills. 

School Psychologists 

Our school psychologists focus on creating a positive learning environment, and they provide the following: 

  • Learning Support: Assessments and interventions to support diverse learning needs. 

  • Mental Health Support: Collaborative work with students, teachers, and families to address mental health concerns. 

  • Crisis Intervention: Immediate assistance for students and families in crises. 

Social Workers 

Our social workers play a vital role in connecting school, home, and community, offering: 

  • Family Support: Assistance with navigating school resources, community services, and support systems. 

  • Behavioral Interventions: Working with students to develop positive behavior strategies. 

  • Advocacy: Support and representation for students and families within the school system. 

Confidentiality and Ethical Practices 

All interactions with our support staff adhere to professional ethical guidelines and are treated with confidentiality. 

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